Looking for rehab with results?

We Know Workers Compensation.

At EP Results we like to keep things simple, and Workers Compensation rehabilitation is what we do.

As exercise rehabilitation experts in the Workers Compensation realm, we can promise to you:

Who Do We Help?

Helping the injured worker reclaim their functional independence is of the upmost importance to us, and to achieve this we have an robust understanding of the working requirements of other professions on a claim. To achieve amazing results, EP Results works hand in hand with;

But Wait, There’s More!

Our expertise in insurance-based rehabilitation for Workers Compensation also correlates to
Motor Vehicle Accident and Life Insurance, other insurance-based schemes. Be sure to
reach out to discuss options if yourself or a client falls under one of these insurance

Meet Callan

Callan has been empowering injured workers reclaim their health for over 5 years.

This time operating as an Exercise Physiologist in the Workers Compensation industry has allowed Callan to develop a keen insight on exactly how EP’s can positively influence claims to help generate great
outcomes for the injured worker and stakeholders.

Callan is passionate in providing a holistic, patient focused approach to exercise rehabilitation, empowering his clients to reclaim their personal health and independence.